Chef Bert Boussemaere follows the rhythm of the seasons and the market supply, with his own vegetable garden as a source of inspiration, fresh fish from the North Sea, dairy from the local farms, local meat,.... He goes for pure preparations that reflect the individuality of each product. Enjoy the pure taste.


86,00 € 

  • selection of farm cheese 'Michel Van Tricht' instead of dessert: + 9.00 Euro (please order before the meal)
  • Detail of the current menu: see Dutch version
  • Last time to order this menu: in the afternoon at 13:00 and in the evening at 20:00

Allergies or dietary requirements:

  • We can only take into account allergies or dietary requirements communicated at the time of reservation. If communicated in advance, we will adjust the menu for you where necessary.
  • A combination of several allergies is not possible in certain cases.
  • We would like to inform you that garlic, celery and onion are basic products that are used in all our dishes. We therefore cannot take this into account.
  • Veganism is not possible in our restaurant and we cannot take it into account.